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Child Development By John W. - 867 Words

Child Development by John W Santrock Child Development is a well organised and user friendly pedagogical book. Santrock says, â€Å"This book is about children’s development – its universal features, its individual variations, its nature at the beginning of the twenty-first century.† John Santrock’s Child Development is probably the most up to date, well researched and therefore the most accurate book in its field. Now in its fourteenth edition it has certainly stood the test of time considering it was first published in 1978. This topically organised text presents a wealth of information that is applicable and adaptable and is uncomplicated to read and understand. Eloquently written and logically presented it covers all aspects of child development including physical, perceptual, cognition, language, socioemotional and social contexts. It also includes solid, cohesive analysis of significant matters such as families, school issues and culture and ethnicity. Child Development is a comprehensive book incorporating both the historical and contemporary. Therefore giving a very balanced view on the subject in hand. It starts out with a thorough foundation on the science of child development, looking at the theories and the psychologists behind them. Figure 2.12 offers an at a glance comparison table of all five types of theories – their methodologies and problems. The opening story in this chapter about the lives of Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget highlights how an individual’sShow MoreRelatedLifespan Development1516 Words   |  7 PagesLifespan Development and Personality Luis Cervantes PSY/103 January 11, 2016 Susanne Nishino Lifespan Development and Personality Developmental psychology is the study of how human beings age and transform throughout the eight major stages of life. This paper will focus on the physical, cognitive, social, moral, and personality development of individuals found in stage two, (early childhood 1-6 year olds). Through exploring, and examining the countless influences that affect their growthRead MoreAdoption Are Beating The Adoption Odds By Cynthia D. Martin1035 Words   |  5 PagesAmerica by Randall Hicks, and Twenty things adopted kids wish their adoptive parents knew. LindseyUCLA, By Duncan. Child Poverty and Inequality. Directory for Child Welfare: Adoption / Child Abuse / Child Welfare /child Support / Child Development / Child Care / Foster Care / Children / Destiny Child / Child Book / Child Abuse / Child Welfare /child Support / Child Development / Child Care / Fo. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2016. The Best Books about Adoption. The Best Books about Adoption. N.p., nRead MoreEarly Infant Attachment And Subsequent Development1005 Words   |  5 Pagesresearch on early infant attachment and subsequent development. The infant-caregiver relationship is vastly important to the proper and healthy development of an infant and throughout the duration of the infant’s life. However, the types of relationships attained through attachments as well as socialization goals vary across cultures (Gross, 2011).Secure infant attachments are however, extremely important to overall healthy psychosocial development and prosocial behavior and can be analyzed throughRead MoreLearning and Cognition Essay1306 Words   |  6 PagesThe paper for which this bibliography was prepared originally was to focus on whether or not a youth could be conditioned by maltreatment at home resulting in poor social and academic performance at school. The original thought was that removal of a child from an abusive or neglectful home would be an appropriate treatment for antisocial behavior in school. Research however, is leading the author to believe that treatment in the home environment is a better option. The annotated references below outlineRead MoreRosalie Raynor958 Words   |  4 PagesSuarez University of Phoenix History and Systems of Psychology Cheri Meadowlark April 29, 2013 Rosalie Rayner Watson was John Watson’s second wife. She assisted her husband in the development of applied behavioral psychology. Not only did she co-author the seminal paper on conditioned emotional reactions, she also assisted Watson in preparing the most popular child care book of the time (Duke, 1989). For these reasons she can be recognized as a woman who has made significant contributionsRead MoreEarly Childhood : The Transitional Phase That Follows Infancy1520 Words   |  7 Pagesthose that are significant in the child’s life to understand how they grow, develop, and learn in this stage in order to create and provide a sufficient environment. It can also help with positive development and other factors as they move into childhood. Despite the many changes this stage entails, every child is different and develops at their own pace. At this stage, children begin to explore and understand the world around them. They begin forming relationships and attachments with their guardiansRead MoreImportance of Scribes in Ancient Egypt954 Words   |  4 Pagesthought to be the highest intellectual achievement that one could attain, thus heightening their social status.1 Developing literacy in any culture is a huge turning point and accomplishment in the development of a more complex society. In â€Å"In Praise of Learned Scribes†, written in 1300 BCE, and translated by John A. Wilson, the importance, advantages and disadvantages of being a scribe are further detailed.2 To be a scribe in ancient Egypt was to almost posses a somewhat magical skill.[1] They kept recordsRead MoreChild Shift1748 Words   |  7 Pagesabsence of parents on their children. It also assesses the consequences of â€Å"child shifting† on affected children. The social impairments of children suffering from â€Å"child shifting† were cross-examined with the various parenting styles they would receive through continuous domestic relocation. â€Å"Children Caught in the Crossfire† is an interesting article that exploits numerous factors involving parental negligence which causes child shifting. This has become a clichà ©d situation in the Jamaican societyRead MoreCorporal Punishment Essay1044 Words   |  5 Pageshis delivery, Brother B would unleash a staccato barrage of open handed slaps on both ears. He had been known to punch boys and to draw blood with his cane† (McEntee, John). One of the thousand devastating stories told by a survival at age fifty. His story and other stories exhibit the burning memories that keep surrounding any child when he recalls the minute that he been submitted to corporal punishment. Corporal is military word originally; its means physical punishment .Teachers in united stateRead MoreChallenges Of Building And Maintaining Effective Research Partnerships Essay984 Words   |  4 Pagesmaintaining effective research partnerships. Lessons Learned, 4, 1-6. Bohnert, A., Fredricks, J., Randall, E. (2010). Capturing unique dimensions of youth organized activity involvement. Review of Educational Research, 80, 576-610. Coburn, C. E., Penuel, W. R., Geil, K. E. (2013). Research-practice partnerships: A strategy for leveraging research for educational improvement in school districts. New York, NY: William T. Grant Foundation. Cooper, H., Civen Robinson, J., Patall, E. A. (2006). Does homework

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Transformational Leadership of Lee Kuan Yew - 1580 Words

TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER: LEE KUAN YEW Introduction Lee Kuan Yew was born on 16 September 1923 in Singapore . His father including his family was influenced by British culture because his father obtained first education in English School. He was enforced by his father to take education at Singapore’s Premier Raffles College . He flew to the United Kingdom for further studies in Law at the Cambridge University. He successfully graduated with Double Starred First Class Honours . Then, he returned to Singapore and he practiced law as an advisor for trade unions before starting a career in politics. In World War II, Japanese was took over Singapore and ruled in brutal way. He tried to survive as a trader in the black market. He believed that no one had the right to rule Singapore except Singaporeans. He promised his people that Singapore would remain a free country from foreign rule and colonial domination. He was strongly campaigned the cooperation plan with Malayan Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman to merge the countries of Malaysia and Brunei together to form a Federation in order to end British Colonial Rule in 1961 . However, in 1964, the union was short lived due to highly tension because of a race riot broke out between the Malays and Chinese . This affects both parties and result in skyrocketing prices of food and transport disruption. He appealed to the public to end the riot and decide to sever ties with Malaysia. The riot ended with 23 died and hundreds injured .Show MoreRelatedLee Kuan Yew - Singapore Prime Minister6837 Words   |  28 PagesINTRODUCTION Lee Kuan Yew led Singapore to independence and served as its first Prime Minister. He was regularly re-elected from 1959 until he stepped down in 1990. Lee Kuan Yew was educated in England, and under his guidance Singapore became a financial and industrial powerhouse despite a lack of abundant natural resources. Lee ruled with ultimate authority, and his zeal for law and order was legendary. In 1990, he stepped down (though he remained in the cabinet as Senior Minister and now MinisterRead MoreEssay on What Makes for an Effective Leader?954 Words   |  4 Pagesbetween leadership and management. Leadership in my opinion differs from management and requires transformational approaches. Peter F. Drucker says, Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things (,2014). Management capabilities can be developed mostly through personal experiences while leadership skills are inherent and there are therefore no clear cut ways to develop it. The viability of a leader depends more on knowing yourself, pragmatic leadership and pleasing

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Renting Versus Buying a Home Free Essays

Renting versus buying a home, what are the pros and cons? I: In todays’ economy, renting is a better option for some families. With the downfall of the economy and the loss of so many jobs, renting a home is a less expensive way for some individuals. Either families had to sell or foreclosure was the only option they had when the economy took the downward turn. We will write a custom essay sample on Renting Versus Buying a Home or any similar topic only for you Order Now Therefore, renting a home became the most convenient option available to those families hit hard from the economic change. One of the most important ideas to keep in mind when looking for a new home is, is this a suitable place.They always have to think about, where the kids will go to school, is this neighborhood safe, and most important will they be happy living here. There are some positive notes to renting versus buying a home. However, there are some cons also. II: The pros to renting a home can be positive. The cost to renting a home is typically less expensive than buying a home. Their monthly rent is less expensive than mortgage payments, and they will not have to pay any property taxes. Property taxes will be the property owners’ expense.They will also have the ease of moving. If they choose to move, they will not have to worry about having to sell their home. If they sign a lease, they can move after their lease has expired. One other pro to renting can be the fact that they will never have to worry about paying for any maintenance or repairs. This will be the property owners’ expenses as long as the tenant was not neglectful and caused any of the problems. The security deposit that they pay upon moving in is what takes care of things that may have happened while living in the home.This is where the property owner will subtract monies when renter moves out for wear on the home. III: There are always cons to renting versus buying a home. When renting a home they will not have any equity in the home. They are paying for something that they will never own. Some people feel that when they rent they are just throwing away money or just helping the property owner buy their property. This is true as this is typically, why people buy homes. They make the mortgage payments from their renters but it is also their means of making money also.Property owners are their own bosses and some do not have normal jobs, this is their means of supporting their families. Renters also have to face that there can be rental increases also. They may sign a lease but when the lease expires, the property owner may choose to increase the rent. One other con to renting is the restrictions that property owners may place. This can be whether they can have pets, paint the walls a different color, or make any changes to the dwelling in which they are living without prior consent from the property owner. The positive to all of this â€Å"That renting is a better way of living in today’s economy. † Yes, there are some positives and negatives but the positives with renting outweigh the negatives. Most property owners will help renters with things that will make them more comfortable but within reason. The renters just need to have an open mind and talk to the owners. Most property owners will bend as long as the tenants talk to them in advance and are willing to pay for things such as painting an inside wall to a different color, or planting things that will make the place more pleasing.Things like this will only increase the value of the home, and if the property owner does not have to pay for it, then they are more than likely to allow something’s within reason. I choose this type of outline because it was a more professional layout. I felt it had an easier feel to it and was a nice layout. I was able to use this outline and still get most of my material in. I also was able to have my topic sentences stated clear, and with all the supporting points in the proper places. This to me was a better outline to follow. How to cite Renting Versus Buying a Home, Papers

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Mr.Know All free essay sample

This story was happened in the Ocean-going liners from San Francisco to Yokohama for fourteen days. It was difficult to get accommodation, so the narrator had to share a cabin with a total stranger, but he expected him to be one of his own country men. Instead, he was deeply shocked to realize it was a chatty Levantine Mr. Max Kelada. The narrator was prepared to dislike Mr. Kelada even before he saw him. When he went on board, he saw Mr. Keladas luggages and the toilet things that had already unpacked below. The mans name and the sight of his things aroused a strong epulsion in him since he was prejudiced against all non-Britons, feeling superior to them. The irony of the story lies in the fact that the list of Mr. Keladas negative traits presented in the beginning of the story shows an orderly, neat and tidy gentleman, such as: a sturdy build, clean-shaven and dark-skinned, with a fleshy, hooked nose and vey large, lustrous and liquid eyes, sleek and curly long black hair. We will write a custom essay sample on Mr.Know All or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When the narrator met Mr. Kelada, his hatred got even stronger. He abhorred the cultural differences between Kelada and himself. He both detested and despised Mr. Keladas gestures. Therefore, the description of Keladas character is negative and biased. Mr. Kelada was a good mixer and ran everything. He organized some games as: sweeps, auctions, fancy dress ball, etc Mr. Kelada was a person that seemed to know everything and was involved in everything, not sensing that he was disliked by everybody. He was very chatty and talked as if he head beer superior to everyone else. The passengers mocked him and call him Mr. Know-All even to his face. Beside that, there was a dogmatic person on this liner Mr. Ramsay, who was a American Consular Service and was stationed in Kobe. He the man with loose fat under a tight skin; was on his way back to resume his post after picking up his pretty little wife, who had been spending alone in New York for a whole year. She looked very modest and adorable with her simple clothes, which achieved an effect of quiet distinction. One evening, the conversation drifted to the subject of pearls. As Mrs. Ramsay was wearing a pretty chain of pearl, Mr. Kelada announced that it certainly was a genuine one which had probably cost many thousand of dollars. And he was ready to bet a hundred dollar on it. On the other hand, Mr. Ramsay was cocksure that his wife had bought it for eighteen dollars in a department store. When Mr. Know-All took out a magnifying glass, a smile of triumph spread on his face, but he caught a desperate appeal in Mrs. Ramsays eyes. Then he was making over himself by all his effort and gave Mr. Ramsay a hundred dollars. Since Mr. Kelada didnt want to destroy Mrs. Ramsays marriage, he ruined his reputation instead he told everybody that he was wrong and that string was an excellent imitation. The story spread over the ship and everybody mocked Mr. Kelada. Next morning, while he narrator and Mr. Know-All were in their cabin, an envelope pushed under the door after a small scraping. It contained a hundred dollar bill from Mrs. Ramsay. at the moment the narrator did not entirely dislike Mr. Kelada. The moral of the story is that we must no Jude a book by its cover. Rather than Judging a person by his looks, Often in our self indulged lives we dont take a moment to step back and look deeply at the true characters of the people around us. Instead we are happier with making our unsupported Judgments on people and continuing to go about our own concerns. Mr. W. Somerset Maugham wrote a story called, Mr. Know-All, that shows us how we too often tend to act Judgmental towards others, but later when we pause and take a closer look, we may find that they are truly greater in character than we are. The story starts with the narrator already expressing his dislike for the character, Mr. Max Kelada. He hasnt even met the man before and he has already chosen to disassociate him. I was prepared to dislike Max Kelada before I knew him. When I went on board I found that Mr. Keladas luggage was already below. I did not like he look of it; there were too many labels on the suitcase, and the wardrobe trunk was too big. (Pg. 303-304) Here we can defiantly see a dislike for Mr. Kelada, before he even has a chance to show who he is, he isnt liked. He hasnt even received the chance to say one word of greeting or small talk, yet he is looked down upon as a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe because of his luggage. When the narrator finally meets Mr. Kelada he is set on the fact that he does not like him. He searches for the smallest reason not to like him and decides that Mr. Kelada isnt ormal enough with the way he addresses him. l do not like to put on airs, but I cannot help felling that it is seemly in a total strange to put mister before my name when he addresses me. Mr. Kelada, doubtless to set me at my ease used no such formality. I did not like Mr. Kelada. (Pg. 305) I could understand someones irritation if they were a doctor, or a General, or something of importance with not being labeled right; but to be upset because someone is talking friendly to you is being Just plain rude. After a few days the narrator is sure that he does not like Mr. Kelada,..

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ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign A Comparison, Plus Which Is Best for You

Struggling to choose between ConvertKit vs  ActiveCampaign? In this post, well go hands-on with each service to help you pick the one thats right for you.Both of these platforms are popular, well-regarded email marketing services. They help you build an email list, create and send messages, and automate many necessary parts of your campaigns.Choosing between the two requires looking carefully at what each has to offer, and considering your unique needs.To help you make a decision, we’ll compare the two based on features, pricing, ease of use, and potential for integration with WordPress. Let’s take a look! 👉 Skip to the conclusion and find out which tool to pickAn introduction to ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaignEmail marketing is an excellent way to build and nurture your blog’s audience. Before you can get started, however, you’ll need a dedicated email marketing tool.There are a lot of options, but we’re going to focus on two. The first is ConvertKit.This is a dedicated email marketing platform, which focuses on providing services to busy creatives. It offers an app-based system with lots of automation features, to take the work of running your email campaigns largely off your hands.Next up, we have ActiveCampaign. This is a more comprehensive service, offering email marketing tools along with a whole suite of other features.What you get access to depends on the plan you sign up for. Regardless, it’s a flexible platform that gives you a lot of control over your campaigns.ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign: A full comparison (four factors)Now, let’s dig a little deeper into both services. We’ll compare them in four key areas to help you decide which one best suits your particular goals and needs.1. FeaturesIt’s crucial to make sure the service you sign up for includes the features you’ll need. Given this, let’s check out what ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign have to offer.ConvertKit prov ides an impressive range of options. Among other things, it:Helps you build and grow an email list for your campaigns.Makes it possible to organize your email list with taxonomies such as tags and categories.Offers customizable sign-up forms to embed on your website.Lets you create custom rules and sequences for automating your emails.Provides tools for tracking data about your subscribers and conversions.Integrates with many e-commerce platforms and other tools.ActiveCampaign also has a lot to offer. This platform:Helps you build and manage an email list.Includes a drag-and-drop email designer that lets you fully customize your messages.Offers lots of templates to help you start building your emails faster.Lets you perform split testing easily, so you can perfect your campaigns and increase conversions.Enables you to personalize content based on each contact’s details and history.Simplifies the process of collecting and organizing data on the leads in your email list.Provide s features that help you automate your campaigns and schedule them in advance.While both platforms have covered all the basics, there are some clear differences in their feature sets. ActiveCampaign provides more when it comes to building your emails and tracking data. In contrast, ConvertKit offers more precise automation and segmentation, as well as lots of integration options.2. PricingNext up, let’s talk about cost. ConvertKit has four basic plans, which are based on the number of subscribers they support:ConvertKit pricingAs you can see, the cheapest plan will cost you $29 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers (paid yearly). On the upper end, you can enter whatever size list you need in the final box, and calculate a price automatically.Other than that, ConvertKit’s plans are essentially identical. Every key feature is included on all plans. The only difference is the highest-level option, which provides free migration if you’re moving your existing email l ist from another service. This is important to remember because ActiveCampaign divides its billing tiers differently.ActiveCampaign also offers four plans, although theyre more customizable than ConvertKit:ActiveCampaign pricingThe box to the left lets you choose how many subscribers you want your plan to include – anywhere from 500 to 100,000+. When you do this, the prices for the four plans will change dynamically. You can end up paying anywhere from $9 per month to thousands of dollars, depending on your needs.The four plans also differ widely in how many features they offer. At the lowest tier, however, you’ll get all the basics you need for email marketing.Overall, if you aren’t looking for anything too complex, ActiveCampaign can be a bit cheaper than ConvertKit.3. WordPress integrationYour WordPress blog is an invaluable tool when it comes to building an email list and running successful campaigns. While neither ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign is WordPress-s pecific, both offer dedicated integration plugins.ConvertKit’s plugin is aptly named after the platform itself. It lets you embed a sign-up form on specific posts or pages, or include it at the bottom of every page on your site. It’s kept regularly updated, although there are very few user reviews.ActiveCampaign’s plugin is also named after the service, and it lets you place your subscription form on any posts, pages, and/or widgets you like. This plugin also has few reviews, however.Ultimately, your mileage may vary when it comes to WordPress integration with ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign. We have to give an edge here to ConvertKit, since its plugin is more flexible, but you’ll want to test either option thoroughly on a staging site before using it.With that being said, there are a number of quality third-party email opt-in plugins that you can use to integrate with both ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign, so you arent limited to using the official plugins.4. Ease of useFinally, let’s talk about what it’s actually like to get started with ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign. Both have a free trial so you can check them out without making a commitment.After signing up for an ActiveCampaign account, you’ll get immediate access to your main dashboard:There’s a lot to do here, but it’s all well organized. You can use the Getting Started widget at the top of the screen to check all the key tasks off your list one by one – adding email addresses to your list, creating your first campaign, building an opt-in form, and so on.This dashboard also has a lot of useful widgets so you can see how your campaigns are doing at a glance. It displays your latest stats, recent activity, any tasks you’ve set for yourself, and more.Now, let’s check out ConvertKit. Signing up is also a simple process, and once again you’ll get a centralized dashboard to work from:To be honest, this dashboard is significan tly less useful. There is a convenient checklist feature that will show you all the tasks you’ll want to tackle initially, and lets you check them off as you go. Other than that, there isn’t much to see here.However, the basic functions are organized clearly via the navigation menu at the top of the page. Each section will walk you through the related task – setting up automation, creating an opt-in form, etc. – and includes helpful videos to get you started.ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign: Which service should you choose?Both ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign offer lots of useful features, are priced reasonably and are easy to get started with. However, each does have a unique set of pros and cons:ConvertKit.  This service offers somewhat more when it comes to automating your emails and setting them up to respond to specific triggers. Plus, all its features are included even with the basic plan. Its pricing options are less flexible, though, and the dashboard is quite basic.ActiveCampaign.  With this service, you can fully customize your plan, so you aren’t paying for more than you need. It offers an extensive dashboard, and lots of options for customizing your emails and tracking their results.Overall, ActiveCampaign has an edge here. It’s a bit cheaper, more flexible, and offers a better overall user experience. For most WordPress blog owners, ActiveCampaign is the email marketing service to opt for, especially if youre willing to embed a sign-up form manually via code or use a third-party email opt-in plugin.ConvertKit isn’t to be overlooked, though. If you want a tool that offers complete control over your email automation, or if you like the uncluttered feel of the dashboard, it’s also a solid option.ConclusionChoosing the right email marketing tool can be a challenge – there are so many options and factors to consider. For WordPress blog owners, however, there are a few services that rise above the pack.In this review, we’ve compared ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign in a variety of ways. Let’s sum up our final thoughts one more time:ActiveCampaign: A flexible and comprehensive tool, which is well worth checking out for most WordPress blog owners. 👈 The tool to pick for most people.ConvertKit: A streamlined email marketing service with fewer options, but a lot of automation-related functionality.And if you want even more options, you can consider our GetResponse vs AWeber comparison for a look at two more popular email marketing services.Have you ever tried either of these services, and what was your experience like? Tell us all about it in the comments section below! Trying to decide between @ConvertKit and @ActiveCampaign for #email #marketing? Here's a comparison...

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The poor girl Essay Example

The poor girl Essay Example The poor girl Paper The poor girl Paper Then I realised my own mum saw her just two weeks ago and she was also responsible for her death and could have helped her. The thing that bothered me was that she didnt even really even care that much; she was that kind of cold hearted person. Anyway it turned out while working at the committee that she was prejudiced against her case and did not help her. Mum hardly cared, I was quite shaken and upset and that was before I heard that she was pregnant; and thats not all mum knew it! Mum also shared her views with other people in the committee so that there was no one there to help the poor girl. I still cant forget the words: go look for the farther of the child it is his responsibility. It was so terrible I was trying to get over something and then another thing started! I would never look at my mum the same way as I used to; I knew that she was cold hearted but not to that extent. There was more to it though, she said that she werent responsible and said that the girl told us that the father was the one mainly in charge and that she would not marry him because he was a young, silly, wild and drank too much. For a moment I was a little bit more relieved knowing that it wasnt all her fault as I previously did. Daisy was also surprisingly enough to me getting money from her but not excepting it because it was stolen! I was quite contented; she would rather live penniless then have stolen money. Mum then said that the father was a drunken, young idler thats all the more reason why she could not escape and rounded it off by saying if the death is anyones fault it is his. I felt that everything was going wrong for the whole family and then thought of Eric and later realised that he was the one, he was in charge; it just suddenly sprung into my mind. I was so distressed and then tried to tell mum what I had just realised. It was so awful trying to tell mum who it was especially after all the stuff she had been saying, she found it really hard to believe but then accepted it. Later on Eric came in all pale and distressed, he understood what we all found out about him and we all just looked at him with our inquiring stares. It was quite a sad moment we were angry with him, shocked and in a way I felt a little bit sorry for him. The inspector started to ask Eric some questions. After mum heard what Eric had to say she acknowledged the fact that all of it was true. She was about to break down so I had to take her out of the room. But later she just came back in curious to know what was going on. Apparently we were told by dad that Eric had admitted he was responsible and had stolen money from the office, fifty pounds! He said that he was meant to pay it back but I was not sure whether to believe him or not. A lot more dreadful things would happen later, it turned out that there was a big argument between mum and Eric I was feeling scared and wanted it to stop Eric was blaming everything on mum. He was saying the most horrid things like mum killed her and mum killed her own grand child; Erics son. The whole thing just came to an end with the words of the inspector: stop he said in such a compelling way that everybody did. Finally it came to an end he said he has found everything he needed to know and said that each and everyone of you were in charge of helping the girl die and not only that but he told us never to forget it and rounded it of by saying that my mum had the power to stop this from happening and she didnt. I think it was a kind of way to say that she was responsible mostly. To make us never forget this he tells each of us how badly we treated the girl it was really distressing. He then spoke out his final words which were very strong, powerful and deep and said there are many people still out there just like Eva Smith. He then walked out and slammed the door and that was it he had gone. I was still quietly crying thinking over and over again why did this happen? Then Eric and dad just started of worrying about the money stolen and it looked like they tried to pretend that nothing happened. No one learned anything from their mistakes.  I then started to think of the actual inspector; was he who we though he was? I didnt really think it mattered but I was just interested to find out. My dad said though that was really important to see if he was but I disagreed. I felt he was just not trying to face the facts. At the end of the day it doesnt matter if he was a police inspector or not the point is that he made us confess what we did wrong. Then we all started to talk about the police inspector; how strange he was. And then Gerald walked in I told him that we all got in trouble and then we all continued talking about how strange he was until Gerald comes up with something. We all waited for him to say it and stared at him. He said slowly that he wasnt a police inspector he sounded quite sure. There was even more evidence, he said he met a police sergeant and asked him if he knew an inspector Goole. Gerald described the chap to him and the sergeant said that he swore there was no one of that name or like him on the force. My dad then rang the chief constable to once more make sure, there was no inspector by the name of Goole. Everybody was a bit happier but I still thought in the end we all were responsible for a young girls death. I supported Eric at this time he said what I thought and what the rest dont understand that the girl is still dead and they are pretending that she isnt.  After a while of constant arguing Gerald comes up with something. He thought that the there was no real Eva Smith who changed her name to Daisy Renton and committed suicide. All he thought was that he was taking about different girls and that the photos were shown individually because of that reason. I was a bit less sad but I still could not forget the fact that all of us said what actually happened. Then Gerald phoned the infirmary to make sure there was no girl who committed suicide in the infirmary, as we waited patiently it was not true there was no dead girl there. I and Eric was still upset because we still did wrong things and we were aware of the consequences- at the end of the day we still harmed people and it was something that could have been real. I could still remember the inspector, his eyes how he glanced upon me, his voice, how he made me feel, his presence, all of it frightened me still. Everyone was happy again, smiling, triumphing and Gerald trying to propose to me again by saying its all over! But obviously I thought it was too soon and had to think about it. Everyone was laughing thinking that it was stupid and being amused until all the cheerfulness from everyone got interrupted by the ringing, the ringing of the phone. Dad picked the phone up; everyone was waiting anxiously due to all the events that took place. There was a deadly silence, I got scared. Dad put the phone down to say the fateful news. It was the police, a girl died in the infirmary after swallowing some disinfectant and a police inspector is on his way. That guilty conscience started to get bigger but the atmosphere was not only surrounded with that but also confusion and terror. My heart started to race up again, I was worried, I panicked and was confused. I thought of the situation again trying to make sense it just startled me even more. How did the so called inspector no about Eva!!?!

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Introduction to art theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Introduction to art theory - Essay Example The lack of realism, knowledge of perspective in art and understanding of the human figure were lost with the fall of Rome. But the historians at that time claim that medieval artist concerned simply trying to send a religious message. Byzantine art culture comes next, which is often referred as one of the finest art of Middle Ages in terms of quality of material and workmanship. The Gothic art, which appeared around 13th century (art and architecture) was unique. Gothic art merged with Renaissance art at different times in different places making internationally renowned. Renaissance art culture led to many changes in both technical aspects of painting and sculpture, as well as their subject matter. Renaissance enhanced realism in the work, such as three dimensional perspectives in more authenticated manner. Tone contrast of Titan’s portrait and sfumato and chiaroscuro by Leonardo da Vinci are notable. Art has gone through evolution as the centuries passed. The idea of renaissance emerged to sculptor Donatello who classical techniques included David as a free-standing bronze nude created in Europe since the Roman Empire. Following him, High Renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Raffaello Santi emerged. They exhibited astounding mastery both technical and aesthetic. As the time passed many artists were repulsed by the ornate grandeur of the artistic styles and sought to revert to earlier which created intellectual movement known as Enlightenment or Neoclassicism culture. Eugene Delacroix, Francisco Goya attempted centrist approaches of Neoclassicist and Romanticist styles. The middle of 19th century marked the industrial revolution across Europe. The European art as well became radically altered by industrialization. 1860s artistic styles were more of Neoclassicist and romanticist type. In the latter year’s poverty, squalor, and desperation were the theme of the art. The fate of the working class has